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Thanks for visiting my website, call me Martyn please. Most of my almost 20 years in the civil service was spent at HMRC where I cut my teeth on tax investigations. The remainder of the time there was spent implementing law. When I left HMRC I ran my own large successful accountancy practice, before making up my mind that I really enjoyed investigation work and complex law. I decided then to specialise in tax investigations, which for the last 10 years have been my focus.

HMRC Tax Investigation Specialists

Tax Investigation Help, Tax Tribunal Appeal Representation, COP9 Cases

  • I understand all too well the horrendous stress that is the hallmark of a tax investigation, sleepless nights, worries and fears are in many senses the worst experience that can strike a person. The underlying benchmark is the unknown which all of us are afraid of.
  • It is in this area of stress and despair that I am particularly able to help and I am available to take phone calls 7 days a week between 11am and 7pm. In the unlikely event that you are unable to get hold of me personally, my team on 01656 771696 is available in normal office hours and can quickly get a message to me.
  • I offer a free appraisal of all cases including the most serious COP9 (Code of practice 9) cases. You can talk your case through with me personally and I will explain how my team can help and the likely outcomes in terms that are clear.
  • I have over 40 years of experience and you may find my book on tax investigations a real eye opener here. The service is fully comprehensive dealing with all types of investigations from the basic through to criminal prosecutions. From our first contact through to the final outcome I will be there to assist and support you.
  • We are well known by HMRC and if you take a look here you can see how very often HMRC walks away from an argument once they know we are involved.
  • For more complex cases you can see here the successes we have achieved at tribunal. The Newell's case which is the subject of one of the Daily mail's articles is particularly poignant where in respect of claims totalling sum half a million pounds the judge dismissed every single one of HMRC's claims. You can read the full case along with the judge's decision here.

What To Do Next

If you have a tax investigation or tax inspection, please contact me and I will discuss your case with you. I will explain the procedures involved, how long the investigation is likely to last, and the course it will probably take.

I will also explain that HMRC does NOT have the last word in any HMRC investigation. There is an excellent independent Tax Tribunal Appeal service available, in respect of which there are no court filing etc. charges.

If you wish to proceed with us I can then make the necessary arrangements to take the case forwards.


As I mentioned above, the first appraisal is completely free and without obligation.

A member of my team will then contact you with a tailored Fixed Fee which covers all aspects of the tax investigation up to and including the conclusion with HMRC. This can be paid by monthly instalments.

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