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I offer two publications based both on my 40+ years personal experience from both within HMRC, and extensive practical work on "this side of the fence":


"The Taxpayer Strikes Back" has attracted very positive feedback!

"Mr Arthur, I have just finished reading your book. Easy to read, very informative and extremely interesting. I would like to purchase two more copies....."

The book says it exactly the way it is, no punches pulled. Not the usual "50 tips from the experts" rubbish! It addresses the mindset of the tax inspector, issues that arise, and how successfully to overcome them. What are they allowed to do and much more importantly, what they are NOT allowed to do? Click here to read more about this book.

The Taxpayer Strikes Back can be be purchased on Amazon by following this link.

A Free complimentary electronic copy of The Taxpayer Strikes Back can be downloaded here.

The Taxpayer Strikes Back Book


"Clients Accountants and the Taxman" is written for the layperson as guide to understand how to avoid falling foul of HMRC generally. A Free complimentary electronic copy of the Book can be downloaded here. Click here to read extracts from the book.

A Free complimentary electronic copy of Clients, Accountants & The Taxman can be downloaded here.

Clients, Accountants And The Taxman


National Press

Recent articles about our cases in the national press (Martyn's comments are towards the end of each article):

HMRC back down, apologise and compensate our client; Conclusions based on a single "Business Economics" test defeated
This was a particularly appalling case involving a hairdresser approaching her 70's in respect of which our involvement featured in a recent Daily Mail article. The case had dragged on with HMRC being completely intractable for some 3 years, but following our involvement HMRC withdrew completely from the case and the taxpayer was awarded the sum of £10,000 in compensation.

HMRC's arguments comprehensively defeated at Tribunal
This case had been running for several years before our involvement. HMRC alleged completely unreasonable underdeclaration of sales described by Martyn as a "fantasy" at Tribunal. Following legal discussions, HMRC withdrew ten years of discovery assessments reducing its claim from £350,000.00 to £133,000.00. Working over night we were able to demonstrate to the tribunal the next day that HMRC's case was based on calculations that were fundamentally flawed and the claim was reduced to zero. Please click here to read a recent article about this case in the national Daily Mail.


Articles on Taxationweb

We have had two articles published on the renowned website Taxationweb:

Article based on an extract from our "The Taxpayer Strikes Back" book.

An Example Tribunal Case and its Conduct: a Tiny Cafe which HMRC Said Owed £500,000.


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