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VAT Procedures

VAT investigations are situations where HMRC can literally arrive unannounced, or be instigated with prior notice being given. HMRC will require sight of your records and may well take them away, which they are entitled to do. Issues associated with these investigations vary from simple errors in bookkeeping through to the more serious including false vat repayment claims and falsification of invoices.

The nature of the VAT system is such that unfortunately it lends itself readily to fraud as it is possible for traders to claim a vat repayment on line without providing any form of verification. HMRC regards this as the most serious type of fraud and the one potentially that will be likely to be prosecuted following a “full on” raid by police and HMRC officials. It is also virtually certain that vat repayment claims will at some time be investigated, probably sooner rather than later.

If you have concerns about a recent vat inspection, have one scheduled or just have general concerns about the propriety of your VAT situation then call us urgently. VAT is an area where HMRC is likely to act promptly without notice and absolutely the best way forwards is to address issues as soon as possible.

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